Covid-19 Vaccination Programme

How you will get your vaccine

Procare is providing the local vaccination service to our patients. This means you will not be contacted by Dapdune House Surgery.

If you have been contacted to make a Covid-19 vaccination appointment please contact Procare on 01483 362522 who are open 7 days a week 9am to 5pm. Please be aware that we cannot book appointments for Covid-19 vaccines at the surgery.

More information available

More information and the answers to many common questions can be found at: Covid-19 Vaccination Services in Surrey and Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination – NHS (

Frequently asked questions

Covid-19 Booster Vaccine programme

In partnership with other local GP practices, we are pleased to say that ProCare, our local GP Federation, have started providing Covid-19 booster jabs to people in eligible groups.

Following recent guidance set out by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, Procare is now inviting eligible people, who had their second Covid-19 jab at least six months ago, for a top up vaccination to boost protection against Covid-19.

Please wait until you are contacted about your booster, do not contact the practice.

Priority will be given in the first instance to;

  • people aged 50 and over
  • people who live and work in care homes
  • frontline health and social care workers
  • people aged 16 and over with a health condition that puts them at high risk of getting seriously ill from Covid-19
  • carers aged 16 and over
  • people aged 16 and over who live with someone who is more likely to get infections (such as someone who has HIV, has had a transplant or is having certain treatments for cancer, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis)
  • people who are pregnant and in one of the eligible groups can also get a booster dose.

The need for a six-month gap between second vaccination and the booster means that some of those in the original nine priority groups will not be contacted for their top-up until the New Year.

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